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Q-School cooking classes
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What is the Q-School?

Lang BBQ Smokers offers barbeque smoker cooking classes at our Q-School and cooking demonstrations at various barbeque festival events with our Q-School On The Trail. Read what people have to say about Q-School.

Classes are limited and students will be cooking on a Lang BBQ Smoker or they can bring their own. Many first time purchasers coordinate the pick up of their smoker cooker with the class so they can season the grill.

The class is suited for back yard BBQ enthusiasts, seasoned barbeque competitors and those considering opening a BBQ business (catering, mobile restaurants...).

Smoker cooking classes are held at the Lang BBQ Smoker Kitchen in Nahunta, Georgia.

Learn on your very own smoker cooker!

Buy your smoker cooker while at the Lang BBQ Smokers® Kitchen and use it during class. Then take it home with you!

A New BBQ Competitor and Someone Who Came for the Class and is now planning to buy a Lang

Keith from Orlando, Florida says he learned lots of tips and tricks from Chef Paul Kirk and is confident it will help him win some competitions on his Lang.

Doug is ready to ride back to Dickerson, Maryland with his new seasoned Lang smoker cooker and some great ideas for rubs.

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Author, Teacher, Chef
Paul Kirk CWC, Ph.B., B.S.A.S., also known as the Kansas City Baron of Barbecue

Chef Paul Kirk talks about his teaching philosophy - to teach people how to identify and cook with their own flavor profile.

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Now to test your skills and smoker cooker.

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